updated my etsy shop with all these new prints and bunch of new cards
this is lots of hard works that I put it inside! I hope everyone likes it :)

This is a project that I worked with Loop messenger, and of coz with an amazing team :)
It was co art directed by Nick Hewitt and Nigel Li
Character design: Nigel Li
Pitching team: Aggie Cheung, Lamnho Giang, and Gary Goncalves
Animator: Paul Yula and Dan Phillips
Art Style concept and Production: Aggie Cheung

you can watch the commercial on youtube:

30 min spit paint
The word is giant clock :)

30 min spit paint . The word is castle island

It is color block practice :)

Still life study :)

Except the pink one is valentines' candy mania art work they are all my person works :)
some are originals, some are value study, some are just saying happy valentines day :)

contact me if you like what you see :) I do commission too! YAY!!!

Commission custom portrait :)